What is Rank?

Good News for Buyers and Sellers:

Your performance will be indicated to your buyers by displaying a rank badge to your account and store as well.

Plus you will be awarded different rewards such as gift cards and promo codes as performance appraisals.


1. If you (seller) have sales below 100, your account and store will be considered a Silver account & store. Silver badge will be displayed on your account & store.

2. If you retain 100+ sales, your account & store will be furnished with the upgraded version of Silver rank that is Gold. Gold badge will be displayed on your account & store.

3. To achieve the highest rank that is Platinum rank, your sales must be in the range of 60-100 per week (i.e 60/60+/below100/100). 

At the end of the week, your rank will automatically be upgraded to the highest rank that is Platinum rank. Platinum badge will be displayed on your account & store. Plus you will be rewarded with gift cards and promo codes. 

And for the whole of next week, you will enjoy the Platinum rank but if you will be unable to achieve the target of 60-100 sales during that week, at the end of the week your account & store will automatically be downgraded to the Silver or Dynamic Platinum rank. 

Premium Rank (purchased rank):

Premium rank is purchased by paying a minimum amount yearly and every seller can buy it. Premium badge will be displayed on your account & store.

The Premium version comprises two categories such as Premium Professional Plan and Premium Business Plan.

Premium Professional Plan enables you to create 5 shops worldwide by paying only $30 yearly.

Premium Business Plan facilitates you to create 100 shops all over the globe by paying only $300 yearly.


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